4 Myths About Alcohol Abuse Treatment, Debunked

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Substance abuse is a known problem among Canadian citizens. So much so, that it costs the economy $8 billion for treating individuals suffering from addiction. While men have a greater rates of addiction than women, the disease can affect anyone. To help debunk some of the common myths about alcohol abuse treatment, here are a few things you should know.

Addiction is not a choice, but recovery is
It is a common misconception that addiction is simply a lack of willpower. The truth is that people who have an addiction to alcohol did not choose to be this way. In many cases, genetic factors can have a significant influence on a person’s chances of becoming an addict. Furthermore, environment can also play a big part is influencing someone to become an addict and seek an alcohol addiction treatment centre. Both factors can be both a cause and effect of alcohol abuse.

An addiction to prescription drugs is no different than illicit drugs
Contrary to belief, abuse of prescription drugs is more of a problem now more than ever. This is partially due to the fact that many people think that using legal drugs is frowned upon less than illegal drugs. In reality, they are both viewed equally as substance abuse concerns and are treated as such. They both have negative effects on the brain if abused constantly. Luckily, most drug rehab centers are able to treat both and explain the effects more thoroughly.

Addiction cannot be cured
Any professional who works in the field of alcohol abuse treatment can tell you that addiction is not something that goes away. It is something people who suffer from it will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. The process of recovery is a long one but, with the help of alcohol addiction treatment centers, it can be significantly easier to deal with. These facilities teach the philosophy that relapses do occur and should be viewed as learning experiences and not failures.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate
While it may seem to some people that addiction is prevalent in certain demographics, the reality is that it can happen to anyone. Some people are simply better at hiding their symptoms than others. Addiction is not determined by gender, race, or ethnic background. This truth can be seen at various alcohol abuse treatment groups and centers throughout the country.

Now that you know the reality of alcohol abuse and how it effects people, you are more likely to think twice before judging someone with an addiction. Addiction of any kind is not a choice, it cannot be cured, and it does not discriminate. It effects millions of Canadians each day and should always be viewed as a serious disease because it is just that, a disease.