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I’m Starting To Experience Mood Swings And Hot Flashes Am I Facing Early Menopause?

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Sometimes you have a minor health issue you just can’t quite seem to shake.

You’ve been gaining weight far more easily than normal and you don’t know why. Your mood swings are hitting an all-time high and you’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with that bad day you had at work a few days ago. When you’re tired of scrounging around for answers, looking into hormone imbalance treatment might finally give you something to shoot for. Hormones are chemicals that regulate many areas of the body, affecting everything from our mental health to our appetite. When you’re running out of patience for those hot flashes or lack of energy, hormone imbalance treatment may have the answer.

Let’s take a look at what a boost or decrease in estrogen and testosterone can do to change how you live your life.

Did You Know?

You’re not the only one who could be facing a deficit of hormones. It’s estimated as many as 13 million Americans today are struggling with

Injuries Plaguing Star Players Throughout 2018 World Cup

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When an average person or even an athlete gets injured while being active, they can schedule a few appointments with a sports injury doctor and engage in physical therapy. That being said, only 35% of all physical therapy patients adhere to their plans of care, despite their immense importance. For the best athletes in the world, since any injury can keep them off the field and jeopardize their entire livelihood, they need to ensure that they are sticking to their pain alleviation and physical therapy plans.

The 2018 World Cup is underway and there are dozens of all-star players battling injuries that could potentially ruin their country’s chances of winning the most coveted title in soccer. Here are some of the key players who are struggling with various injuries throughout the 2018 World Cup:

    • Mohamed Salah — Liverpool F.C.’s star player Mo Salah is virtually the only chance Egypt has to make a statement in this year’s World Cup. Salah has been dealing with a shoulder injury he sustained in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. His absence resulted in Egypt losing 1-0 against Uruguay in the country’s first match. Despite missing the first match, Salah seems poised to make his return against Russia, coming off their 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia.


    • Neymar — The most expensive player in the world has been battling a foot and ankle injury for a while, but the Brazilian star looks to make his mark on this World Cup. As Neymar battled back from his injuries, he’s worked alongside some of the best and brightest sports injury doctors in the world. Brazil’s first match against Switzerland resumed in a 1-1 dray. Neymar played despite his injury and was actually fouled more than any other World Cup player in over 20 years.


    • Youssef Msakni — Tunisia’s 27-year-old star has been ruled out of the entire tournament. Youssef Msakni, a midfielder for Qatari club, Al-Duhail, suffered a knee ligament in April. Tunisia will have to rely on Msakni’s replacement, Wabi Khazri for the rest of the Cup.

If you’re in need of pain alleviation and want to speak with a qualified sports injury doctor at a trusted pain management center, contact us right away.

Advantages of a Walk In Health Clinic

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Healthcare is now more important than ever before. As we live longer and longer, we require different standards of care than people did centuries or even decades ago. For example, two hundred years ago, a lot of illnesses that are no big deal today were deadly. People had to learn how to cope with a world of physical and mental uncertainty much more than they have to do today. If there were any doctors, they were local doctors who operated their own medical clinic wherever they could. There were no physical therapy places or doctors ratings where people could go to get the care that they need. To the extent that there was any system in place, it was mostly just individual people practicing individual medicine, many untrained and most highly experimental and, therefore, highly dangerous in terms of medical practitioners. But, of course, it is no longer that way, not with the advent of modern medicine and other contemporary and industrial advancements. But how did we get here? And, perha

America’s STEM Teacher Crisis

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America has one of the lowest percentages of graduating STEM majors in the developed world, and few of these graduates go on to be primary or secondary school teachers. Black American and Latino students are less likely to study STEM disciplines, and their classrooms are less likely to include materials such as health education products or a female reproductive system model labeled with definitions. However, STEM education should not start in high school: just like reading, it needs to be built into early childhood learning.

Only 16% of college graduates in the United States have a degree in a STEM field, and few of those graduates go on to teach science or mathematics in primary or secondary schools. The issue is particularly severe in minority-majority schools or in low-income areas. According t

Learn More About Your Overall Health With a Full Body Scan Health Check

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Preventive screening is important to detect or eliminate the possibility that someone has or may be in the process of developing a potential medical issue. Health-conscious individuals in general tend to request preventive screening in order to ensure that they are in optimal health. In the event that there may be signs or various indicators of a specific condition, these individuals tend to be proactive and seek medical advice and attention.

Recent data shows that Americans in their 50s have higher rates of specific medical conditions than their parents’ generation, however. These include, but aren’t limited to, the following types of issues:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol

High blood pressure, for example, is experienced by roughly 75 million adults. It has been demonstrated that high blood pressure can cause or otherwise lead to a variety of serious issues. This is why having a blood pressure screening can assist these ind

3 Signs You Need to Head to the Chiropractor

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When you hear the word “chiropractor,” you may only be thinking of someone who can help with back problems. But chiropractors can actually help with a number of other issues. If you’re questioning whether you should schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor, here’s when you definitely should.

You’re Stressed Out

When your body is properly aligned it’s going to work to the best of its ability. If your spine isn’t aligned, your entire body will feel the repercussions. The chiropractor can help adjust your body and prevent tension, stress, and mental issues. When your body is adjusted properly it can do a better job of managing stress. If your chiropractor is a part of a wellness center, you can also look into nutrition programs. By 2030, 115 million adults in the United States will be obese. So not only can these programs play a big role in alleviating stress, they can help with weight loss as well.

Your Posture Is Terrible

More people are coming into the chiropractor’s office lately with spine curves and poor posture. These cases are typically caused by using a computer too much or texting constantly. Over time, though, chiropractors can help put the neck and spine back in their natural place and relive any pain you may be experiencing. The treatments they administer can also help improve your posture.

You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

If you’re not sleeping well you’re going to have trouble focusing and maintaining your overall health. To help get better sleep, a visit to the chiropractor can help a great deal. The doctor can align your spine so you won’t experience any pain in bed. Many people who have used a chiropractor as a way to improve their sleep have noticed an increase in pain relief and overall better health.

While you may think a chiropractor is only good for back pain, they can actually help with a plethora of issues. If you’re experiencing poor sleep, bad posture, and even stress, reach out to your chiropractor within your local wellness programs.

Proton Treatment offers New Hope for Cancer Patients

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For those facing the difficult decisions regarding cancer treatment, the information out there may feel overwhelming. Despite the mass of information, it is important to get a clear understanding of the options you have available to you. New research and information is constantly available as new treatment options pass the rigorous testing protocols.

Working closely with your oncologist and staying up on the current research will help you know what your options are and what will provide you with the greatest quality of life throughout treatment and beyond. Too often patients refuse treatment because they are more worried about their quality of life caused by the treatment, opposed to living with dignity until the cancer runs its course. Patients should not have to choose between living and living a good life.

Proton treatment is just one example of a treatment option that has shown to be beneficial for many cancer patients. Proton therapy is a type of radiation, which has l

The Most Common Ailments Treated by Urgent Care

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Some people are unsure whether they should seek emergency care at a hospital emergency room or at an urgent care clinic. Although both “emergency” and “urgent” sound very similar, they are not precisely the same. You can have an emergency–in that you need medical care immediately–without requiring a hospital emergency room. The general rule to bear in mind is that emergency services are for life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Urgent care is for immediate medical needs that are not life-threatening. Whenever you move, you should always put “closest hospital to me” and “urgent care near me” into your search engine or maps app and make sure you know exactly where to go if you need medical attention. For the worst life-threatening emergencies, you’ll probably know it’s time to call 911 or get to the hospital. For other issues, you may not be completely certain. To help you plan, here are some of the injuries most commonly t

Urgent Care or Emergency Room Where to Go When Your Child is Sick

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During the school year, children are high risk of getting sick since they are exposed to different germs throughout the day. The average child catches between six to 10 colds a year, and data from the 2014 Data from the 2014 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) revealed that 8.4% of U.S. children suffered from hay fever, 10% from respiratory allergies, 5.4% from food allergies, and 11.6% from skin allergies.

It’s heartbreaking whenever your child is sick or hurt, and if both you and your spouse have full time jobs it can be difficult to see a pediatrician to get medicine you need for a child. Luckily there are many nearby urgent care centers that have pediatricians on staff that can take care of your child and save you a lengthy trip to the emergency room.

It’s important to know when to go to urgent care or when to go to the emergency room for affordable care and most importantly, your

The Case For Urgent Care Centers In The United States

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If you are someone without adequate medical insurance – or with no medical insurance at all – it can be difficult to find medical care and treatment. In fact, this can be difficult for a number of reasons, ranging from a lack of health insurance to an inability to take time off of work to schedule a doctor’s appointment in a timely manner, as most doctor’s offices are only open during hours when most people are typically at their jobs – and getting time off is not always easy or even an option in many situations. In such cases, it is unfortunate that many of these people must resort to going to the emergency room, even in cases that are far from an emergency (but still do require medical observation or treatment). The emergency room, though it will treat anyone and everyone and is certainly the place to go in the case of a true emergency, is often prohibitively expensive with long wait times and exposure to illness and disease. In many cases, people will simply decide not to seek medic