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Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Ruin Your Life — Beat it With a CPAP Machine

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Bipap vs cpap

Are you sick of not being able to get a good night’s sleep? Do you find yourself particularly irritable in the morning or just nodding off at odd points during the day? Does your spouse complain about the noise you make when you sleep — dreadful snoring or choking sounds? If you answered yes to all of these things, you may be suffering from sleep apnea and you may need to invest in a CPAP mask and CPAP machine supplies to get your sleep schedule back on track. CPAP machines and CPAP machine supplies can do more than help your sleep immediately, they can also be instrumenta

FAQS on Reclining Wheelchairs, Answered

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Lovely Patient and DoctorOver 13% of Canadians are living with a disability each day, many of whom are elderly and use a wheelchair. In fact, of the elderly population ages 65 and above, 1.825 million use wheelchairs daily. With around 2 million new people needing wheelchairs each year, it is no secret that finding the right comfortable wheelchairs for the elderly is crucial. Among the population of those 65 and older, reclining wheelchairs, or geriatric wheelchairs (as they are most commonly known as), are very popular. Here are some commonly asked questions about reclining wheelchairs to answer some basic questions you may have:

Why are geriatric wheelchairs so popular?
Many elderly people suffer from physical disabilities that force them to have limited mobility. Because they spend most of their day in a wheelchair, it is important for the chair to be comfortable. Geri chairs are largely padded, heavier in weight and are especially designed to help those with limited mobility. They have more room than a standard wheelchair and are easier to lounge in because they recline. This makes them perfect for those in long-term care needing high-quality seating. They also have capabilities that other wheelchairs do not. This includes helping with dialysis, blood collection respiratory and cardiac care.

What are bariatric wheelchairs?
Bariatric wheelchairs are many times referred to as extra wide or heavy duty wheelchairs. They hold up to 700 pounds, can go up to 30 inches in seat size and are strong enough to accommodate just about any user.

What wheelchair type is best for me?
Because wheelchairs are available in different sizes and have varying functions, it is important to know exactly how the equipment will be used before buying one. Power chairs are battery powered, feature a user-friendly control pad or joystick and are becoming increasingly popular. Manual chairs are for those who are more mobile than most and can push using their arms. Most wheelchair users own more than one type of wheelchair depending on the activities they are doing. Commonly, people use one wheelchair for indoor use and another for outdoor use. Consult with a medical professional before purchasing to make the best decision for you or a loved one.

With the number of elderly people expected to increase more than double their 2013 number by 2060, reclining wheelchairs and other wheelchairs alike will see a significant rise in the market soon, if not already. For this reason, finding comfortable geriatric wheelchairs for the elderly to fit their needs and lifestyle are more important than ever. Buying a wheelchair is not just investing in high-quality seating, it’s an investment in someone’s future.

5 Things to Ask Your Radiologist Before Your First MRI

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Brain tumor diagnosis

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique used by physicians to help diagnose a variety of conditions by producing high quality photos of bones, organs, and nearly all other internal structures. Some diagnostic imaging centers have MRI scanners with 3D capability, which are able to produce even more detailed images that allow the physician to see the scanned area from all angles.

If you’re a first timer, there’s nothing to be afraid of. MRI scans are a routine procedure?nearly 30 million scans are performed in the U.S. annually?so it’s likely that your

Low Cost Health Clinics Are Often the Best Option for Quality Care

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Family care physicians

four prescriptions. Zero dollars out of pocket.
It does not get any better than that, right?
Actually, some times it does. In fact, if you are paying nothing for prescriptions by July, you have likely had some significant medical expenses in the first six months of the year. Fortunately, family health care plans often have maximum out of pocket amounts. Once those maximums have been met, many of the other things the family needs are then free. And while that might sound like an ideal situation, the reality is that reaching the maximum in the first six months of the year was likely financially stressful.
The Growing Number of People with Insurance Is Changing the Face of Healthcare in America
REcent legislation has made it so that far more Americans now have access to me

Five Important Things to Think About After a Serious Diagnosis

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Colon surgery

It’s the type of thing you rarely consider until your doctor gives you that fateful call. Receiving a diagnosis that there could be something wrong with your liver, pancreas, or colon is disconcerting. Depending on the nature and extent of your condition, surgery on the liver, colon surgery, or pancreatic surgery might require extensive downtime and recovery, and your condition might have a long term impact on your health.

When colon or pancreatic surgery is looming ahead of you, you might be feeling a wide range of emotions: anxiety, uncertainty, anger, fear, and stress. While it’s up to the medical staff who treat you to attend to the colon or pancreatic surgery itself, by taking care of your emotional well-being, the process will be far easi