The Importance Of Clinical Trials

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Medical research studies

The importance of scientific testing and clinical trials can be seen in the results. Take cases of Hepatitis C, for instance. It was once a disease that, once contracted, would need to be managed for the rest of the patients life. Now however, thanks to drug testing and clinical trials, it can be cured in up to ninety five percent of patients in less than twelve weeks. Throughout the clinical trial process, from phase 1 clinical trials to clinical trials in their final phases (typically phase 4), new innovations and discoveries are being made in the medical field and giving more and more people a second chance at the kind of life that they want to lead.

The process of clinical trials can typically be broken down into four separate stages. The first, phase 1 clinical trials, is to begin assessing

Clinical Trials Are an Important Part of Drug Development

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Clinical study alabama

When you hear about someone you know participating in a clinical study, it often is because the person is sick and is trying an experimental medicine or treatment because more conventional methods haven’t worked. However, there are thousands of clinical trials going on around the world every day, testing everything from skin creams to live-drugs to artificial parts. Clinical trials are an important part of drug development as well as other treatments.

Clinical drug development is a long process. It can take many years to get a drug from concept to approved treatment, and the clinical trial process is a big part of that process. Before a drug or any other medical treatment can get approval by the Food and Drug Administrati