Should I Go To The ER Or An Urgent Care Center?

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Many times, we wonder if we can go to a clinic, an urgent care center, or the ER. When we enroll in medical insurance, we often get alerted about what are copays are for each, and they can be really different. As a general rule, if you can wait to make an appointment or wait to be seen by a doctor, then go to a clinic. If the illness or injury is more serious, you might need to consider going to either an urgent care clinic, or seek emergency room care.

Now that we have it limited to two options, though, how do I know what can be treated at an urgent care center and what needs emergency room care? The answer is pretty simple, and you can read about it below. When trying to decide, keep these tips in mind.

1. Would you wait to tell your doctor?

When deciding whether to go to urgent car