5 Helpful Tips for Preventing Athlete’s Foot

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Athlete’s foot is a type of infection many people suffer from. No, you don’t have to be a legitimate athlete to deal with this condition. In fact, athlete’s foot can affect almost anyone. By the year 2030, nearly 60% of Baby Boomers will be managing some type of chronic condition. If you experience itchiness, pain, and redness on your feet, you might be experiencing athlete’s foot. Unfortunately, this condition often causes painful and itchy feet. Considering that, it’s understandable to want to learn how to prevent this condition from happening. In this post, you’ll learn five helpful tips to prevent athlete’s foot.

  1. Avoid Being Barefoot in Public Areas

    In order to avoid athlete’s foot, it’s important to avoid sources of this infection. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the human eye to detect where this disease is present. Many common sources of athlete’s foot include surfaces around pools, showers, gym, and locker rooms. Therefore, it’s always best

Three Symptoms That May Send You To An Urgent Care Clinic

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It can be difficult to decide whether or not you need to visit an urgent care clinic. A lot of people are worried about their health, but are afraid to see a doctor — whether at their doctor’s office, or a medical walk in clinic. The great thing about clinic care versus the care you’ll find at your doctor’s office is that you don’t need to make an appointment ahead of time. Rather, you can go when you’re ready to go; but you need to be aware of when it’s time to get treatment at an urgent care clinic. The last thing you want is for something that began as a minor issue to push you to the hospital. Certain symptoms are more obvious than others — to be sure, some issues send us straight to the urgent care center. Others creep up on us and are easy to dismiss until they’ve become completely out of