The Top Three Benefits of Proton Therapy

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Advanced cancer treatments are developing all the time, and one of the most effective available is cancer proton therapy. Unlike conventional radiotherapy, which can cause damage to health tissues surrounding a tumor, proton therapy has little adverse side effects and can be used for prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer (including glioblastoma), neck cancer, and others. If you haven’t already, here are the top three reasons to ask your physician about particle therapy.

Less Damage to the Body

Conventional radiation therapy targets cancer cells as well as those around them. For example, breast cancer survivors can have radiation present in their lungs or heart. Men who receive traditional radiotherapy for prostate cancer may have trouble maintaining an erection after treatment. Proton therapy, by contrast, is able to target just the cancer cells, meaning that there is little to no radiation present in otherwise healthy cells. Nearly all men who receive cancer pro

A Look At Proton Therapy As A Cancer Treatment Option

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Whether you have been diagnosed with head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, or breast cancer, a cancer diagnosis is a life changing thing. Determining everything from treatment courses to the type and length of the treatment can seem overwhelming. For those who have cancer that has been diagnosed in the later stages, the future can all too easily seem frightening and unsure. But proton cancer treatment, a burgeoning method of cancer treatment, has increased dramatically in popularity. Proton cancer treatment is very similar to the standard and widely utilized radiation treatment provided to many different cancer patients, but is the superior option for a number of reasons.

For one, proton cancer treatment works through the application of radiation in very targeted doses. Because of the way that it is administered, proton therapy leaves the surrounding tissues and organs relatively untouched in a way that traditional methods of radiation do not. For instance, with proton cancer treatme

Are You Looking For a Better Cancer Treatment Option?

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Proton cancer treatment

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying. The chance of death from the disease is ever-present, and yet many patients report being just as fearful of the the treatments that are meant to cure them. Chemotherapy has gotten a bad rap in movies and other stories, and for good reason. Nausea, headaches, hair loss, etc. are not exactly a picnic. Thankfully, advanced cancer treatment options are available. Many of these are experimental and not as popular in the general public as chemotherapy. Today, let’s focus on perhaps the most promising: proton therapy for cancer.

That Sounds Like a Made-Up Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment. What Does It Even Do?

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