People Who Suffer From Sleep Apnea Are Three Times More Likely To Suffer From Heart Disease

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Types of cpap masks

Good sleep is necessary to live a good life. Without dipping into your REM cycle on a regular basis your body lacks the necessary tools to repair itself after a mentally and physically draining day. Despite this simple fact, many Americans find themselves actively struggling to reach even one or two decent nights’ sleep per week. Sleep apnea, insomnia and anxiety are rampant across the country and have caused many to seek out whatever tools they can to help them retire night after night.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Do you constantly wake up throughout the night? You might have sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder is characterized by ‘apneas’, or interruptions, that interfere with a proper REM cycle. This condition affects over 18 million Americans, with an estimated 4% going undiagnose