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Taking A Look At Getting Into Shape Here In The United States

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Being overweight and even obese is unfortunately very common all throughout the United States. After all, up to one third of all adults living here are currently classified as overweight, while another one third of the adult population falls within the medical classification of obesity. By the time that we reach the year of 2030, now only just a decade in the future, it is all too likely that up to half of the adult population will be medically classified as being obese.

The ramifications of obesity and the leading of a sedentary lifestyle are all too severe and stark, as has been seen in much of the research that has been conducted on the subject. For instance, type two diabetes is all too common nowadays, with up to one third of the population currently diagnosed with and managing the condition. When not managed properly, type two diabetes can even become life threatening. Fortunately, losing weight can help to reduce the symptoms and severity of one’s type two diabetes. In some

What You Need To Know About Phantom Limb Pain

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What Is Phantom Limb Pain?

Phantom limb pain
describes pain felt by an amputee in the area of the removed limb. This pain can range from mild to severe, and in some cases can even reach the point of debilitation. This can lead the patient to seek pain management options to help mediate the pain if there are no signs of improvement. Though phantom limb pain typically subsides over time, or at least decreases to manageable levels, if it continues after 6 months from the operation the chance for traditional improvement is slim.

What Causes Phantom Limb Pain?

Not all doctors are in agreement on what causes phantom pain; however one theory contends that the reason some amputees report pain from removed limbs is due to the nerve endings still sending signals to the brain. This in turn tricks the brain into believing the limb is still there, even though conscious