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Visiting a Womens Health Clinic

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Modern American women are strongly urged to keep careful track of their health, and this includes visiting women’s health clinics that can offer 3d mammography screenings, mammograms for older women, and even breast biopsy procedures if need be. Starting in their 40s or so, women are advised to visit these clinics for regular imaging and screening, and some women may be called back for a second opinion 3d mammography. What does that mean? A second opinion 3d mammography is when a patient is called back to have more imaging done if something unexpected was found with her previous imaging, and a second opinion 3d mammography can go a long way toward a diagnosis.

Women and Breast Health

As women age, they may start developing issues with their breast tissue, and cysts and cancerous growths are among those problems that may develop. In fact, there are some health and lifestyle factors that may affect