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Behind The Obesity Epidemic Of The United States

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There are a number of components to getting yourself in the best health possible, ranging from high levels of physical fitness to following a diet that is healthy, at least overall (after all, eating junk food or unhealthy foods once in awhile is not going to be hugely detrimental to your health). Unfortunately, the United States is currently facing a huge crisis of health, seeing skyrocketing levels of obesity in children and in adults alike. In fact, obesity can be diagnosed in up to one third of all adults in this country alone, and in children we see even more cases. And another one third of the adult population is overweight, even though they are not yet obese.

There are many contributing factors to what is often referred to as the obesity epidemic, such as a lack of exercise, Unfortunately, only around five percent of all adults are getting the daily thirty minutes of recommended exercise, with only about one third of this same population exercising and getting physical move