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Proton Treatment offers New Hope for Cancer Patients

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For those facing the difficult decisions regarding cancer treatment, the information out there may feel overwhelming. Despite the mass of information, it is important to get a clear understanding of the options you have available to you. New research and information is constantly available as new treatment options pass the rigorous testing protocols.

Working closely with your oncologist and staying up on the current research will help you know what your options are and what will provide you with the greatest quality of life throughout treatment and beyond. Too often patients refuse treatment because they are more worried about their quality of life caused by the treatment, opposed to living with dignity until the cancer runs its course. Patients should not have to choose between living and living a good life.

Proton treatment is just one example of a treatment option that has shown to be beneficial for many cancer patients. Proton therapy is a type of radiation, which has l

The Most Common Ailments Treated by Urgent Care

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Some people are unsure whether they should seek emergency care at a hospital emergency room or at an urgent care clinic. Although both “emergency” and “urgent” sound very similar, they are not precisely the same. You can have an emergency–in that you need medical care immediately–without requiring a hospital emergency room. The general rule to bear in mind is that emergency services are for life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Urgent care is for immediate medical needs that are not life-threatening. Whenever you move, you should always put “closest hospital to me” and “urgent care near me” into your search engine or maps app and make sure you know exactly where to go if you need medical attention. For the worst life-threatening emergencies, you’ll probably know it’s time to call 911 or get to the hospital. For other issues, you may not be completely certain. To help you plan, here are some of the injuries most commonly t

Urgent Care or Emergency Room Where to Go When Your Child is Sick

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During the school year, children are high risk of getting sick since they are exposed to different germs throughout the day. The average child catches between six to 10 colds a year, and data from the 2014 Data from the 2014 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) revealed that 8.4% of U.S. children suffered from hay fever, 10% from respiratory allergies, 5.4% from food allergies, and 11.6% from skin allergies.

It’s heartbreaking whenever your child is sick or hurt, and if both you and your spouse have full time jobs it can be difficult to see a pediatrician to get medicine you need for a child. Luckily there are many nearby urgent care centers that have pediatricians on staff that can take care of your child and save you a lengthy trip to the emergency room.

It’s important to know when to go to urgent care or when to go to the emergency room for affordable care and most importantly, your

The Case For Urgent Care Centers In The United States

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If you are someone without adequate medical insurance – or with no medical insurance at all – it can be difficult to find medical care and treatment. In fact, this can be difficult for a number of reasons, ranging from a lack of health insurance to an inability to take time off of work to schedule a doctor’s appointment in a timely manner, as most doctor’s offices are only open during hours when most people are typically at their jobs – and getting time off is not always easy or even an option in many situations. In such cases, it is unfortunate that many of these people must resort to going to the emergency room, even in cases that are far from an emergency (but still do require medical observation or treatment). The emergency room, though it will treat anyone and everyone and is certainly the place to go in the case of a true emergency, is often prohibitively expensive with long wait times and exposure to illness and disease. In many cases, people will simply decide not to seek medic

Why You Should Choose Urgent Care Centers over Emergency Rooms

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Approximately 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of 15 minutes or less to see a physician or mid-level healthcare provider. This is significant less than the average wait time at a traditional doctor’s office or the emergency room. Shorter wait times means wasting less time sitting in waiting room when you are ill or injured with other people, who are ill or injured. It means less time away from home or work and less time away from your family and friends.

Over 65% of all urgent care facilities have a physician on-site at all times. That means not having to wait for the physician to arrive to help you or talk to you about why you are there. This helps with the reduced wait time, and allows you to get treated and get out faster.

Of those that wait longer than 15 minutes, over 80% will wait less than an hour, which means the urgent care facility still has a shorter wait time than most doctors’ offices and emergency rooms. In addition to the reduced wait times, ur

Cleanliness Is an Essential Selling Factor When It Comes to Privately Owned Gyms

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Staying healthy can be a challenge. Especially if you spend your time in lots of public spaces like gyms, hospitals, schools, and other open locations, it can be a challenge to avoid getting sick. In these spaces your health is often determined by the cleanliness of others and their attention to detail. From common colds that can spread through an office like wild fire to serious MRSA symptoms, it is always important to know that you are in spaces that are carefully cleaned and sanitized.
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. Unfortunately, as many as 2% of the population carries MRSA, even though they may not always be showing MRSA symptoms. In hospitals,, nursing homes, and other public health facilities, the need for cleanliness and sanitization is so important that a significant amount of budge

Replacement Timelines for CPAP Machine Supplies

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Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machines have helped change the lives of many with sleeping problems. CPAP machines are often used to help those suffering from sleep apnea. This condition can cause someone to have difficulties breathing throughout the night. That being said, medical suppliers often recommend regularly replacing certain parts of your CPAP machine. In this post, you’ll learn the timeline for replacing three types of CPAP supplies.

  • CPAP Mask Cushions

    The cushions on your CPAP mask make direct contact with your skin. Therefore, it’s easier for these materials to need replacing faster than the mask itself. The skin is full of oils that can begin to clog up mask cushions. Most experts recommend replacing mask cushions once every two months. Keeping these cushions replaced regularly ensures that you’ll always use a mask with a snug fit.
  • Machine Tubing

    CPAP machines utilize tubing to distribute

I Need A Doctor Detox Admitting You Have A Problem Is Your Most Important Part Of The Recovery Process

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It’s not easy to admit when you need help managing an illness.

Telling yourself, “I need a doctor detox.” is your first step toward managing your symptoms and living a higher quality of life. This goes for just about any minor to severe issue you can have, from mental illness to a drug dependency. These health conditions aren’t shaken off in a day, particularly if they’ve gotten to the point you can’t live your life like you used to. The best family doctor can provide you a proper diagnosis and set you on the right track toward recovery. The list below will explore some of the more common illnesses affecting American adults today.

“I need a doctor detox.” can seem like a scary admission. Let a little knowledge take the sting out of asking for help.


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