Why Many People Choose FUE Hair Transplants

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Everyone loses some amount of hair daily. In fact, the average person loses an estimated 50 to 100 hours per day. Things take a turn for the worse when hair is unable to grow back after falling out. In addition, hair loss doesn’t only affect males. In fact, statistics show that nearly 21 million women throughout the United States are dealing with some degree of hair loss. Whether you’re male or female, it’s understandable to wonder how to get this matter taken care of. In this post, you’ll learn about why many people are choosing FUE hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Technology Has Improved Over Time

In the past, hair transplants were procedures that took quite a while to complete. Also, these transplants were known to leave lots of scarring. Thankfully, hair transplant technology has come a long way. Considering that, many people dealing with hair loss are choosing follicular unit extractions. One study found that nearly 47% of those dealing with hair loss reported they

FUE Versus FUSS Hair Transplant Procedures

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In the United States alone, about 35 million other guys are enduring some level of hair loss and, or baldness. Thinning and balding hair affects health, confidence levels, and appearance of the individual. For this reason, many consider some type of a hair transplant procedure. There are two main types of hair transplants today, the FUE procedure, or follicular unit extraction and the FUSS procedure, or the follicular unit strip surgery. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages before deciding which is right for you.

Length of procedure

The FUSS hair transplant procedure is a more invasive procedure. This means that it requires a longer surgical process. A FUE procedure, on the other hand, typically takes around eight hours. The shortened time of the FUE procedure is du