Opioid Addiction Is a Costly Problem in Many Communities

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Purdue Pharma recently offered $10 to $12 billion to settle opioid claims. And while this may seem like a significant offers, the states who have been going through the court system to hold this pharmaceutical company responsible indicates that this settlement is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to the costs that individuals, and entire cities have faced because of this drug.
In the state of Oklahoma, Johnson and Johnson has also been sued by that state’s attorney general in an attempt to fight the drug problems that are also a result of the opioid overuse epidemic. When the U.S. allows the marketing of narcotics, some lawyers argue, the nation became the first country in the world that allows this kind of marketing. As a result, lawyers point out that the narcotics marketing strategy was actually the beginning of the opioid crisis that many cities are facing.
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