Urgent Care Centers Bridging the Gap

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Walk in clinic honolulu

You’re ill, very ill. You’ve tried calling your doctor. There’s no response. But wait–it’ll take two weeks to get you in to see him or her. There’s a back-up with an appointment. You’re losing bodily fluids. That influenza strain is depleting your body. Your temperature is sky high. What left is there to do?

Assume in this scenario that all the over the counter medications you’re taking aren’t working. You’re worried about the loss of fluids and the temperature and the inability to sleep and so forth. But you can’t see your doctor for a couple of weeks. There’s always the emergency room. But it’ll cost.

Over the past several years, a different form of treating patients has developed and arisen across the United States. It’s called Urgent Care. Urgent Care facilities are those designed for p