80 to 90 Percent of All Americans Have Back Pain — Are You One of Them?

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Management for chiropractors

If everything you hear on television is to be believed, then chiropractors are a dying breed. There is a certain taboo associated with chiropractors in America. Very rarely do they prescribe medication or perform major operations, and so they often don’t work in the same buildings or units as other healthcare professionals, like surgeons and nurses. This has led some to develop a sort of stigma towards chiropractitioners. Are they effective? Is visiting the chiropractor okay? Aren’t they going away?

Not at all! In fact, employment for chiropractors is estimated to grow 15 percent between 2012 and 2022, which is faster than the projected average growth rate of all other professions. As far as whether or not chiropractors are going anywhere — no way! There will be a ton more of them by the end