5 Factors that can Affect IVF Treatments

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There are many things that can affect fertility in a couple, and there are many treatments for those suffering from fertility issues depending on a variety of things. Women are typically the most fertile between 20 and 24 years of age, and it starts to decline around age 30 and dropping dramatically after 35 years. By the time a women reaches 40 only two out five women will be able to successfully conceive and have a baby. Along with age, there are other fertility issues, some of which can be successfully treated with treatments such as IVF. While this treatment is a popular one, there are certain things that affect the success rate. Read these factors below.


There are many women of all ages that get infertility procedures from fertility experts because of fertility problems, but the success rate of IVF is somewhat determined by a woman’s age. Age is statistically tied with the success rate of IVF, therefore if you are a woman who experiences fertility

Hiring a Fertility Center is Ideal for Your Infertility

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Michigan comprehensive fertility center

Facing fertility problems can seem extremely isolating. However, you are one of over 10 million people who suffer from this problem. Whether you are a man or a woman, seeking a fertility specialist is imperative and should be sought out if you’re looking to build your family now. Here’s how a fertility center could begin to help you.

Figure Out Who is Having the Fertility Issues

Being part of a relationship means being understanding to the issues of your partner. However, unless you get tested, neither of you will know who has the fertility issue. This could leave both of you frustrated and, most times, the blame is left on the woman. This may not necessarily be the case.

Infertility specialists help you with identifying which of you is having th