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How to Deal with Back Pain Without Surgery

Written by Your New Trainer on . Posted in Pain thresholds, Range of motion testing solutions

Human beings are members of the Great Apes family, but unlike other primates or indeed any other animal, human beings are adapted naturally for bipedal, upright movement. Millions of years ago, our ancestors traded their tree-bound, vegetarian lifestyle for a life of running and hunting wild game, and that resulted in some adaptations. The human skeleton reflects this, with its S-shaped spine, upright pelvic bone, long legs, and relatively short arms. This made a hunter lifestyle possible, and humanity enjoyed many evolutionary advantages. But this upright posture comes with some costs, too, and even today, many millions of people around the world suffer from back pain and spinal distress.

Fortunately, many medical options exist to deal with back and spinal issues, and these range from manual muscle testing devices and other physical therapy tools in a hospital to chiropractic