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Like Riding A Bike 5 Facts About Our Favorite Way to Get From One Place to Another

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Despite not being much more older than the automobile, it often feels like biking has become a thing of the past for many Americans. This easy and efficient way to travel has fallen to the wayside, though there are many reasons it should be more popular than ever. Here are five facts you might be able to overhear at your local bicycle shop.

1. Bikes Are Actually Simple Machines

When most people see the word machine, they think of giant factories or an advanced computer. In reality, a machine is an item that uses mechanical power to accomplish something. Through its use of a bike chain, pedals, the bike chainring and more, the bike functions as a machine that propels the rider forward. The bike chainring is pulled through a sprocket by the force of the pedals, which drive the wheels forward. In a way, the bike chainring is one of the fundamental pieces of the bike despite being so tiny.

2. Bicycling is One of the Best Ways to Get Active

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