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Understanding the Clinical Drug Development Process

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Clinical drug development alabama

The ins and outs of clinical drug development can be confusing and complicated. It is a system designed to be thorough and meticulous to ensure that adequate levels of safety and research ethics are complied with throughout the process. Most Americans (over 95% according to one study) never participate in clinical drug development studies, yet the value of such medical research studies is significant. Just over 45% of those surveyed indicated that they somewhat agreed with the statement: Participating in clinical trials is as important to the health care system as donating blood. So how do clinical trials work?


How Trigger Points May Be Causing Your Chronic Muscle Pain

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Massage therapy wilmington delaware

Did you know that a massage is more than a relaxation technique, but can actually improve your health? People who experience chronic muscle pain may have developed what is known as a myofascial trigger points that cause this repeating pain. Therapeutic massage techniques can be an excellent, non-invasive method of relieving the pain.

The Causes of Muscle Pain: It’s In the Way You Move.

You probably know that straining your muscles past their ability causes micro tears and strains. A little bit of this will cause the muscle to grow over time as your body repairs the slight damage; this is half of the reason bodybuilders get so bulky. However, when a person pushes their muscles too far the damage is more severe. The body may need some extra time to repair what has no